Financial Advisor Independent Contractor Agreement

For businesses, it is important to know whether the people who work for them are employees or independent contractors. The normal way to do this is by applying a series of tests. If you can`t do the goal, the IRS will do it for you. Doing so incorrectly could result in fines for non-compliance with taxes and possible violations of labour law. State exams are no joke. States regularly check employment records and ask whether a worker is working as a contracter or self-employed employee. Often, invoices and other data sets must be established to justify employee status. How likely are you to be audited? Who knows? How likely is it that you have a lot of work and worry about compiling records for an exam? Why not 100%? That`s why it`s worth getting prepared from the start. However, the definition of an independent contractor is not that simple. If you understand how the Internal Revenue Service and government regulators classify contractors and independent employees, you can determine who you hire to avoid wasting thousands of dollars, be dissatisfied at the end, give poor results to customers, or risk government penalties through audits. Section 530 has been operating effectively for more than thirty years. Eliminating the current safe harbour would discourage entrepreneurship and harm our fragile economy. These general concerns would be further reinforced in the independent broker-dealer sector.

In accordance with Section 530, this classification is accepted by the IRS where an employer has an appropriate basis for treating the worker as an independent contractor. In order to qualify for a Section 530 discharge, the employer must have the “appropriate basis” for its independent classifications. If a worker is a worker, the company will keep income, Social Security and Medicare taxes on the employee`s check. If the workforce is an independent contractor, the company is not responsible for withholding tax. These bills have had serious unintended consequences for independent brokers by removing the safe harbor of Section 530 of the “long-standing recognized practice” and increasing financial penalties for employers who, without a reasonable basis, wrongly refer to workers as independent contractors. The IBD industry is a network of financial advisors who work with maximum flexibility and are responsible for all their activities.