Some simple guidelines to follow for your photo-shoot.

Drink lots of water a few days before the shoot to detoxify your system.

Get plenty of rest the night before! This is key. Smokers, try not to smoke for at least 24 hours before your shoot. If not smoking makes you edgy, smoke as little as possible.

The day of your shoot, take an especially hot bath or shower to relax your muscles and clean out your pores.

Stay away from caffeine and sugar the day of your shoot. The goal is to relax. Again, if not drinking caffeine makes you edgy, drink as little as possible.

Bring a wide assortment of clothing in many styles and colors, solid colors are best. Remember, some items photograph differently than others and need to be decided on at the shoot. When in doubt, too many clothes is better than too few.

Come to the shoot with a clean face and dry hair. If you like, bring along some of your favorite make-up to show the make-up artist.

Bring your favorite music along, too. I find that music relaxes people more quickly than anything else.

Come to the shoot with a clear concept of what you want from the photo shoot.

Relax and enjoy yourself!






Some helpful tips for posing are in the image to the right.  Practice in the mirror before your shoot and watch how tiny moves change your whole look.